Before his name got associated with contemporary crime fiction Tom Latimer lived a colourful and busy life enjoying travel, photography, gardening and last but not least writing for pleasure. Initially he didn’t plan a career in writing. He was more interested in becoming a zoologist or a doctor. When he was 10, he began writing bedtime stories, short novels and poems, some of which are still preserved to this day. He didn’t intend to be a career writer as he was still more involved with his scientific interest and he regarded writing as a hobby, not planning the publication of any of his works. Over the years his drawers, his suitcases and even the basement of his home got filled with his complete and incomplete works, some of which were novels, short novels, poems, screenplays and even theatre plays. After various higher education courses such as a BA teachers’ training course, an MA in English teaching and a degree in economics, plus hundreds of good and bad writings Tom Latimer decided to step out of anonymity. After 2 years of preparation and 6 months of writing, he came up with his introductory novel GAMES OF LUST that made the nameless author known overnight in Hungary.

Tom Latimer is planning to publish his second novel THE ENTITY in spring 2013 in Hungary, which is expected to be enthusiastically received. The basic concept underlying all of his work is the almost too commonplace fact that „there is a skeleton in every cupboard”. In other words, everyone is living in the shadow of a well-hidden shameful secret from the past, the revelation of which is continually hanging over them scaring the daylight out of them. Tom Latimer’s heroes are never perfect characters. He often depicts widely respected high authority figures from society who are considered to be infallible and attributed with high moral standards, but who, in fact, come to show in the story as being quite the opposite and are often serious criminal offenders. They often prove to be the culprits in his stories. Tom Latimer believes that no one is perfect. All of us are flawed to a greater or lesser degree and, in fact, it’s our fallibility that makes us the individuals that we are: colourful characters within society, but at the same time there is the collective feeling of torment and worrying by which every single person is mentally affected in life. This profound insight into the psychological complexities of human make-up allows the multiple characterisation and extreme credibility in the author’s books.

Tom Latimer mainly spends his free time travelling. He visits foreign lands where he’s searching for themes for his new story lines. His emphasis is on charity work because he feels it’s very important. He’s an anonymous supporter for various charities and world organizations. He has a great involvement with social studies. He spends what’s left of his spare time in contentment at his country.

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