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Enter Tom Latimer’s compellingly thrilling world.

Believe it, let it take you to the extremes…


The scene is New York today. Barton Sinclair, FBI special agent, has everything any man could wish for. A wonderful wife, a happy marriage, enjoyable work, financial security and good friends and colleagues. But one day when a ruthless serial killer arrives on the scene who targets middle-aged, affluent women in the area of Manhattan and executes them in a savage way, Sinclair’s settled and comfortably structured world begins to crumble. The incredibly precise and intelligent criminal, who calls himself Entity, is leaving behind a smokescreen full of riddles. He’s always one step ahead of Sinclair and his ‘tecs and he’s playing his own cat and mouse game with the detectives. No one knows his motives and goals, let alone his identity. The FBI is maniacally following the psycho monster’s trail across the never-sleeping city and in the meantime from his barbaric crimes a pattern emerges and a hellish plan seems to loom which might reveal the manic killer’s identity. As the weeks pass the race against time intensifies and becomes more and more horrific. It’s no longer possible to know who is who, who does what and for what reason, and as a result of the suffocating atmosphere of the horrors and the shocking events, the special agents have to realise that the case has started to become more directly personal for Sinclair than he could have ever imagined because he now finds that it’s his wife’s life that is on the line…

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